That's not just a slogan for our hero Arthur Robinson, its a way of life for him and what he aims to bring to the local music scene by taking the energy of a headlining artist on tour and bring that rockstar desire to every single musician and concert goer that graces his lens.

Arthur, a former film school grad at Full Sail University for Film & Video Production, freelance filmmaker, and avid Spotify user is considered to be one of the best music photographers to ever live in the Central Valley. While making a living working in Fresno, CA where he was born and raised, he has spent the five years developing a unique type of photo-journalistic portraiture. Live shots that make the best use of available light, that capture the personality of the artists performing in venues around the city, and have the tendency to look just as good as a portrait session in the studio.

Because of this, it has created an unprecedented demand for his work and he's been capturing moments for fun and profit in his neighborhood every year since his start in the Summer of 2012. 

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